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College success #3: Use your time wisely

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Today, I cover why it is crucial to understand the value of using your time wisely in college.

You only spend 4% of your lifetime in college

This hit me hard when I did the math. What does this mean? The time you spend in college making new friends, going to class, and participating in club activities/professional organization is minuscule relative to your lifespan.

This is why I urge you to:

  1. Reflect on your priorities

  2. Clarify your goals in college

  3. Do as much as you can!

Reflect on your priorities

Optimize your time spent in college by rethinking about college. Yes, in this situation it is unclear whether classes will be online or offline. Regardless of this decision, you should have a plan ready to execute and this will be driven by your priorities.

Clarify your goals in college

Once you have reflected on what matters to you, have a couple of overarching goals in mind that you want to achieve before graduating college. It could be anything along the lines of:

  • "Get to know 2 professors in my department well by going to their office hours, ask questions, and learn as much as I can"

  • "Give back to my community by taking on a leadership role in xyz organization and working on abc"

  • "Ace all my classes by finding a study partner, attending every lecture and doing all my homework's"

  • "Relax and chill by going out with friends once a week"

  • "Gain 5 kg by going to the gym 3x a week and eating 4 meals a day"

A quick tip here is to make the goals as practical and actionable as you can.

Do as much as you can!

Once you have your goals set, now it is all on you to go and execute. Remember, this period of your life won't come back. Of course, getting a master's in the long term will get you back in school but your undergraduate experience is different and something special! Get out of your comfort zone, learn from your successes and mistakes, and keep pushing forward.

Taka's Tip Top Tips

Get out of your comfort zone! The more you fall, the faster you learn. Don't be afraid of mistakes and just go for it :)

Thanks for sticking around! Hope you found one or two things useful and remember, take baby steps and good things will happen eventually. Be yourself and let's get moving!

Yours sincerely,


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