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About Taka

Happy ❘ Hungry ❘ Honest


Welcome to the TAKAGAI community!


I help college international students studying Engineering land their first job/internship through rigorous self exploration.

Having gone through job application processes with companies in various industries globally, I have a solid grasp of what it takes to be a successful candidate with the offer letter in hand. It doesn't matter which company or where you are applying for a job/internship. 


Your MINDSET and how well you sell yourself on paper/in person is the X factor. 

My motivation? I want to help you build your personal brand by sharing lessons I learned through my success and failures. Everything I offer is something I wish I had known back in my first year at university. 


Here are some of the companies I have interacted with via interviews both in person and virtually.

Click here to learn more about my work experience!


Consulting / Banking


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