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Do you want to take your resume to the next level?

Here's what you can expect from this guide:

  • 5 golden steps to 10X your resume

  • Free resume template

  • Detailed case study with a current college student 

  • FAQ's on building an amazing resume


I am not a professional career advisor.

I am simply sharing practical advice that worked well based on my personal experience!


This method worked across firms in aerospace, automotive, consulting, and finance industries!




Nick, Class of 2022

This guide helped me look at a different perspective by transforming activities I had previously disregarded into valuable experiences


Rachel, Class of 2023

It also helped me show my skills from simple jobs like working as a barista. I was a bit unsure where to place some contents on my resume and you helped me find the places best fit to make a bigger impact on employers


Ben, Class of 2022

This guide enabled me to communicate the complexity of my experiences in a simple format that speaks the language of recruiters


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